Agricultural holding LANDFORT specializes in the production of agricultural products. The main area of focus is crop farming that’s why our company widely implements new technologies of crop growing and cares about natural resources.
Agricultural holding LANDFORT

The main task of our agricultural holding

is to build a prosperous farming business in Ukraine.

38 100

Total area of lands cultivated by LANDFORT in three regions of Ukraine, ha


Agricultural enterprises


Regions of Ukraine where we run our farming business


Units of agricultural machinery


Rank in Top 100 leading agricultural holdings of Ukraine

5 296

Land share owners cooperating with us

Our advantages

LANDFORT technologies

Constant improvement of technologies

Our agricultural holding extensively introduces new technologies for the production of leading crops. Each and every year, company employees actively apply innovative methods of economic management on the lands of LANDFORT.

LANDFORT agricultural workers

Many highly qualified agricultural workers

More than 1000 of hard-working employees provide the function of the agricultural holding. Our precious specialists with many years of experience in the agricultural sphere implement unique projects of efficient agricultural business LANDFORT.

LANDFORT machinery

Own modern agricultural machinery fleet

Only modernized highly-efficient agricultural machinery from world leading companies in the sphere, such as Massey Ferguson, John Deere, New Holland, Amazone etc., works on the fields of the agricultural holding. Requirements of agricultural machinery are fully covered with own facilities that’s why LANDFORT also helps other agricultural companies perform agricultural tasks.

LANDFORT leaseholders

Paying our land share owners in time

Agricultural holding cares about its land share owners: we offer the best working conditions and fair wage, consistently keep commitment, care about individual wishes of leaseholders, and provide job opportunities.

LANDFORT crop rotation

Providing optimal crop rotation

LANDFORT team constantly improves culture of crop farming that’s why it takes care about the soil composition of the cultivated land. That is why, first of all, the company maintains the rotation of crops on its fields in order to preserve the initial quality of soil.

Agroholding structure

Yevhen Bohovin

Yevhen Bohovin

CEO of Agricultural Holding LANDFORT

«We've been devotedly working on the Ukrainian land for almost 10 years. However, every season, we want to create better working conditions and implement more efficient methods of farming in order to develop a decent standard of farming business in Ukraine.»

Representatives of departments

Andrii Buinyi

Andrii Buinyi

Head of Legal Department

Oksana Kondratiuk

Oksana Kondratiuk

Financial Executive Officer

Julia Petrova

Julia Petrova

Head of Land Department

Hennadii Tabolenko

Hennadii Tabolenko

Head of Engineer Department

Oleksandr Oharenko

Oleksandr Oharenko

Head of Agronomical Department

Artem Vasko

Artem Vasko

Head of Security Department

Regional directors

 Oleh Luzhanskyi

Oleh Luzhanskyi

Regional Manager

Vadym Simonov

Vadym Simonov

Regional Manager

History of Development

Agricultural holding LANDFORT has been working devotedly for almost 10 years already. We are going forward and trying to keep up with the times.

2009 year

We bought the first farm NVP Agrofirma Solodkovodne LLC with land area 2,800 ha. It was the actual foundation of the agricultural holding LANDFORT.

2012 year

Agricultural enterprise Aliyans joins the agricultural holding LANDFORT.

2013 year

LANDFORT buys Agrofirma Vidrodzhennia LLC with the area 2,600 ha.

2014 year

Prydonetske LLC (4,600 ha) joins the agricultural holding LANDFORT and agricultural enterprise Aliyans separates from the holding.

2015 year

The structure of the agricultural holding includes three more farming enterprises: Natali, Kolosyste, and Agrofirma Vesna.

2016 year

The number of farming enterprises LANDFORT is reduced by one – Natali leaves the holding.

2017 year

Agrofirma Vyshniuvate LLC is included to the structure of the agricultural holding, total area of lands is 3,200 ha.

2018 year

The number of the farming enterprises of the holding is increasing. Agrofirma Rosiia PAE (8,800 ha), Progres PAE (2,500 ha), Agronik-2017 LLC (900 ha) joins LANDFORT. Agrofirma Rosiia PAE was renamed into Landfort Azov. The farming company Kolosyste received the new name Landfort Dnipro.

2019 year

Landfort Dnipro PE was amalgamated by merging with Agronik-2017 LLC and Agrofirma Vesna LLC. From now on, the total area of lands of Landfort Dnipro is more than 6,223 ha.


Vadym Kovernyk

Vadym Kovernyk

Vitalii Bohovin

Vitalii Bohovin